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"Windy Land" 

Artist: Sharareh Khosravani

Artworks Cincinnati 2019


"Windy Land" is a series of artworks in the form of painting, installation, and public events in response to the refugee crisis. The series addresses the urgent need for survival in a refugee situation.

windy land .jpg

“Windy Land” was on display as a mural in Downtown Cincinnati, The Windy Land project was expanded as part of the Blink multi-media event in Cincinnati in October 2019.

Windy Land" was showcased as an AR installation named "Kaleidoscope" at the University of Cincinnati Digital Future in 2022. The exhibit was a collaborative effort between the Hudson and Park firm and the University of Cincinnati Digital Futures.


"Windy Land" was inspired by the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard’s book; The Poetics of Space: “The airy structure is open to the wind of another time, and could greet us every day of our lives, giving us confidence”. Windy Land highlights the value of shelter and “… the house as the greatest powers of integration for the thoughts, memories and dreams.”

20221014_153202 copy.jpg
20221016_172815 copy.jpg
20221015_160349 copy.jpg
20221016_172815 copy.jpg

"Windy Land" public installation,  

ORT Cincinnati 2022

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