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Be the Change

ish, Cincinnati

Artist: Sharareh Khosravani                                                                                                                             

Public Art- Installation: “housing and homelessness” in collaboration with “Wordplay Cincy”- Cincinnati 2022


A home embodies a sense of belonging, where thoughts, memories, and dreams intertwine to nurture love, growth, and happiness. Yet, it is also a space where loss and absence become palpable, echoing the presence of those who have departed. The box serves as a tangible representation of this duality, symbolizing both the presence and absence within a home. Through elements such as wallpaper and plasterwork, the artwork evokes the interior of a home, eliciting a sense of nostalgia and longing for moments of gathering and togetherness. Inspired by the stories of Wordplay students about their own homes, this artwork delves into the theme of 'searching for lost time,' inviting viewers to contemplate the passage of time and the significance of shared experiences within the concept of home. Incorporating mailboxes on either side of the box transforms the artwork into an interactive piece, encouraging audiences to contribute their own untold stories and memories. This act of sharing adds layers of depth and meaning, inviting viewers to reflect on their narratives of loss and belonging.


City Hall, Cincinnati 2022- Photo credit to ish 

" Be the Change is about making space to talk about injustice & and to give us all action steps to be agents of change in our local & and global communities

Sharareh Khosravani illustrates the complex relationship between people and their experiences with home; especially the imprints left behind when we are forced to leave. The art piece is inspired by student writings on HOME. From the refugee experience to finding a home in unlikely circumstances.. this piece is sure to strike a chord of empathy around the human experience of belonging."  

ish Cincinnati

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