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Different Projects: Photo Collage



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The artwork "Breathe!" captures the tumultuous political landscape of 2020, marked by the isolated struggles of individuals amidst a global crisis. With the title invoking a sense of relief and renewal, the piece symbolizes the universal longing for a breath of fresh air in the midst of adversity. The addition of "resilience" hints at the laborious journey toward healing and recovery, echoing the collective effort needed to navigate through challenging times.


"Observer Effect"

"Observer Effect" explores the profound repercussions of immigration enforcement and family separation policies in 2018 by appropriating Leonardo DaVinci’s painting. This artwork was exhibited at the Cincinnati Skirball Museum as part of the "Motherhood Essence and the Feminine Divine" Re-Art exhibition, with support from ISH Cincinnati.

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“Frida in Focus” 

An exhibition and series of related events recognizing and celebrating Frida Kahlo.

University of Cincinnati Research Office Publication 2016

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